• Oliver Parfitt

    Oliver "Rhythmix" Parfitt

    Oliver "Rhythmix" Parfitt, the CEO and Co-Owner of Dynamism, is the "entrepreneur" behind the organisation. Having studied business management at University and then gone on to work in event management and marketing for some of the biggest events within the UK e.g. BBC Children in Need, he knows what it takes to successfully manage a project and make it come to life. Mix this with his passion for competitive e-sports that he's had since a very young age and you have someone who's able to create an organisation that adds a very unique perspective to marketing, content and merchandise. Unfortunately however, that doesn't make him a good cook. He definitely has to work on that....Read More

  • Ruben Chukundah

    Ruben "Chukundah" Chukundah

    Ruben “Chukundah” Chukundah, the CFO & Co-Owner of Dynamism, is the “coach” behind the organisation. Having lead his team to multiple LAN tournaments, like the IESF world championships in South Korea, Ruben knows what it takes for a team to be successful within e-Sports. His unique perspective on professional gaming will be put to use with the players, the team and the organisation. When he’s not studying for his bio-medical degree, he’s touching up on his competitive nature to ensure that he stays at the top of his game while also spending time with his pet cat, Fred. Yes, he named his cat Fred....Read More

  • eFX

    Logan Bush

    Logan "eFX" Bush is our in-house graphics artist. Having always loved web and graphics design, Logan started at the age of 14 and has become a successfull freelancer within the e-sports community. Sort after for his unique eye and creative spark, we are honoured to have him here at Dynamism as he offers a completely different view to that of other designers. What else is there to know? Oh yes. He was born in Ontario, Canada which is where he currently resides and is available for freelance work.   Email him at if you wish to use his services!...Read More

  • Adam Martinsson

    Adam "feedur" Martinsson

    Adam is our creative writer, journalistic writer and anything that involes writing basically. His articles may be deceptively short and moderately interesting but that's due to the fact that he hides his best bits for the monthly pieces. He's hoping to, one day, become a full-time writer for a political magazine, or an author of fantastical literature....Read More