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  • Fri 10th Feb 2017 - 10:23am

    Since past few years, Uber taxi service has become synonymous to very commutation. There only maybe a handful of people who have never used Uber services for traveling purpose. This taxi service not only helps people, but helping their drivers as well. Unlike normal taxi drivers got very low amount of wage, Uber caters their drivers the handsome returns. People are making profit by renting their cars to Uber/ Uber drivers. You can also earn a lot of money driving for Uber. From Ezydriver you can accelerate your earning rate.

    Are you tired of getting cleaving off? Or you got surprise by taxi fare? Then download Ezydriver and get the Uber fare calculator estimate and comparison calculator as well. You can get to know estimation chargers for your ride, whatever fare is valid according to the current charges applicable in your country, from their website and that too for free. There estimation is based on Uber fees and local taxi rates. All Australian fares include GST and they are susceptible to change at any time.

    They provide you tips on how to earn more revenue and give you a free calculator on which you can calculate Uber income salary calculator. You can calculate revenue and expenditure and its total as well. They even provide training course for your drivers. To get more satisfaction from your customer you can keep driver tool kit in your Uber. From this kit your customer can get all the emergency requirements. And when they get 100% satisfaction from your ride, your earning will automatically increase.

    Apart from this they also provide you taxi fare calculator estimate. With this you can estimate the approximate fare of your ride. They compare this with the local taxi fare rates. And in this way you can get the approx value of the fare.

    Ezydriver provides basic tips to guide you need to know about driving for Uber through their experience and experiences of other drivers as well. Their basic aim is to spread awareness and share its awesomeness with other riders and make more money through this sharing economy.

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  • Wed 15th Feb 2017 - 11:58am

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