TopicLearning How to Fantasize

  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 7:07am


    One of the most important disciplines to develop and maintain Einstein Success Code Review is the discipline of consistent action. Many people start out on projects or goals with all kinds of good intentions. They may be all pumped about their goal. For the first few days or weeks they faithfully make progress on their goal. Then they begin to slip. A day here and there turns into a week of missed opportunity and the weeks turn into months. They find themselves now months beyond their starting point with little to show for it.

    Nearly all significant goals take a lot of work. There is no getting around this. Beware of get rich quick schemes or any promised short cut that promises instant success. Success is rarely ever instant, it is rarely ever quick.

    The Law of the Farm

    A good model for success in this respect is the farm. Farmers cannot afford to get all excited, work steadily for a few days or weeks and then let it all go. If they do they wont be farming very long. Farmers prepare their ground, plant their crops, tend their crops, weed and feed their crops, water their crops, and they do this day in and day out for months until the crops are ready to harvest. Farmers understand that if they neglect their crops for even a little while the weeds and the drought will take them away.

    Farmers also know they must watch their crops at the end of the season very closely to harvest them at just the right time, quickly, so that they get them at the exact perfect point of ripeness which then gives them the best return on their investment.


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