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  • Wed 10th Jan 2018 - 10:06am

    How is it possible that two companies can deal with Outback Vision Protocol review change so differently? One company can execute change effectively but others attempt change only to see the old ways creep back in? The following are two case studies outlining the differences we have seen. They outline the key factors that contribute to the differences between success and failure.

    Case One: It was the worst of times but the best of times to change.
    This is the story of an insurance company that was bought by a very well known conglomerate. The buyer soon realized it was a poorly researched acquisition. The company, in the Financial Services Sector soon, discovered that their book of business was under reserved by $100million. The business was in dire straits and was identified by the Conglomerate CEO as "The Disaster in Denver."

    The CEO of the Newly Acquired Division knew he had to become service -orientated and reduce costs to survive. He also knew that the business was really bad at doing both! He had to disrupt the order of the current system to save the business. The Division CEO called the business together to announce the reality of the situation. He announced that the business was positioned to lose $100million over the next few years and, to make matters worse, were losing customers fast. The business needed to focus on fixing two key processes: Authorizing Claims and Paying Claims. The need for change was felt by the entire business. He announced that they would use Lean Six Sigma and an Internal Business Improvement Team to stimulate the Organizational Change.

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