TopicPurity12 Supplement Diet - How to Achieve Weight Loss Even If You're Eating Fat!

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    The first issue people have when it Green Smoothie Happiness comes to a vegetarian diet is, where do you get your protein? Some nutritionists claim that we don't need as much protein as previously thought. They also point out that there is protein in vegetables and carbohydrates. However, when you first go on a vegetarian diet, you should probably replace meat with at least some high protein substitutes, so that you don't drastically reduce your protein intake all at once.Good sources of natural, non-animal product protein includes beans -black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas (also called garbonzo beans, used in many Middle Eastern dishes) and lentils are good ones. Many beans can be mixed with rice or other grains to create a complete protein. Nuts, such as almonds, cashews and walnuts are also good. Peanuts are questionable. Many people are allergic to them, and non-organic peanuts contain many toxins.


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