E-Sports: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

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Does e-Sport Have a Future?


E-Sports arena.


Superbowl. The World Cup. The Olympic Games. Some of the world’s largest sporting events, all drawing millions and millions of viewers. Could e-sports one day become as integrated into society as they are? Could e-sports one day become the largest sport in the world?

Ten years ago, hardly anyone knew what e-sports was, and for those who did it was commonly associated with – well, let’s just say a less flattering image of the players. Yet nowadays one will struggle to find anyone who hasn’t heard of League of Legends, or Counter-Strike, as the popularity of the aforementioned games have skyrocketed in just a few years. But what about ten years from now? Naturally, one can only assume that the current spike in the popularity of e-sports is temporaryand short-lived, but the phenomenon itself may have already grown large enough to take life on its own. If such is the case, then it may have a good chance of becoming one of the largest sports in the world.

One aspect not to forget is the fact that the people growing up during this boom of e-sports have to grow old one day, and will have a much greaterunderstanding and interest in such a modern sport, making the possibility of the success of e-sports inevitable, should it survive this long, rather than the elder generation of today whose understanding of it is minimal at best.

The advancement of technology is another matter that makes this question at hand so very difficult. With the platforms already as scattered as they are – from Playstation to handheld devices – the segregation of these player bases is bound to be another uphill battle e-sports will have to fight. Where soccer is the same regardless, certainly people interested in e-sports will hold to a few platforms at best, and even those are surely in the minority.

But even considering these aspects, the future of e-sports seems undeniably bright. People themselves can play the games these professionals do, and there is that competitive element to it that draws so many people to the ’regular sports’ today. The question becomes rather if society is ready to accept e-sports as a whole, and place that stamp of approval it needs to make it into the leagues of other sports. Will it get that – if ever – within a reasonable amount of time, or is e-sports destined to forever remain in the shadows of other sports? One could argue either side, but based upon its current success and the possibilities of the attitude in society towards e-sports to change within even just a few years, it seems highly unlikely that it would become anything but a marking characteristic of the IT-based society.

But then again, one might ask, is e-sports really a sport? That is a question still up for debate, and it will undoubtedly remain the biggest obstacle in the way of the prominent scene of electronic sports.



Written by Adam "Feedur" Martinsson.


Oliver Parfitt

Oliver Parfitt

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