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Sun 15th Mar 2015 - 4:36pm : Announcements

Dynamism has officially launched boys! We’ve arrived and are looking forward to competing, tearing up the competition and forging a team in which you can support and believe in. I'm hopeful we can deliver.

To begin with let me explain what our aim and vision is. The vision was have is to be at the forefront of e-sports while creating teams that have spark and aren’t just another fish in an ever-expanding pond. To accomplish this were going to be pushing the current boundaries through innovation, creation and player development. We will be a team that you’ll cry and scream for, a team that you’ll ride high and low with but most importantly, a team that you’ll have a connection with. If we can deliver this to you hopefully we'll of created a team that's different from the rest!

Our aim is simple. We’re here to bring a completely fresh look at how an e-sports team approaches well, e-sports! We want to give our players and content creators a new level of support, structure and coaching to be able to reach their full potential without the worries that come with it. We want to make our team accessible to all walks of life and our merchandise to be of a different level and stature to others so that when you support us, cheer for us and most importantly believe in us, we can give you an organisation that deserves it.

So let me introduce myself, I’m Rhythmix co-founder of Dynamism e-Sports. I’m 22 years of age and an ex-competitive player within Call of Duty 4 so I’ve always been drawn to the buzz of the competitive scene. I’ve been gaming since the age of 12 and leading teams since the age of 15. I hope to consolidate my knowledge into Dynamism and help it grow to its full potential. I started Dynamism with a view of adding a bit of personality and innovation to the scene so here we go boys.

And a few words from my brother in arms chuk; What’s up boys, Im Chukundah. I’m 20 years old and the other half of Dynamism. I love the competitive gaming scene and have been a competitive gamer myself since I started button mashing the keyboard. I've played a game called A.V.A semi-professionally and wish to bring that experience to the team. I want dynamism to become a unique brand within e-sports while picking up fresh talent and coaching them to success!

So to begin, our first announcement is that we’re going to be entering the CSGO scene! The team that we’re going to take under our umbrella will be announced within the near future so check back soon.

So here’s to our future at Dynamism! Lets hope you  see something in us so together we can make something truly spectacular!

Cheers boys and LET’S GO DYNA!

Oliver Parfitt

Oliver Parfitt

Oliver "Rhythmix" Parfitt

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