Dynamism is a fresh take on an e-sports organisation. Soon to hold some of the best players in Europe, our aim is to consist of the most passionate and talented individuals/teams from the most competitive games in the world. With them, Dynamism will grow into an organisation that’s capable of achieving outstanding results and establishing a brand that’s known for its creativity, dedication and entrepreneurial skills.


Having achieved success in the past from competitive games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends and A.V.A, we hope to turn those accomplishments into future ones.


Dynamism was founded by both Oliver Parfitt and Ruben Chukundah with the vision of becoming an e-sports brand known world-wide. Currently situated in the UK with players from all around the world, Dynamism is focused on nurturing up-coming talent from the most competitive games and turning them into the best of their generation while creating a personality people can support.




“To turn our passion, dedication and partnerships into a global e-sports brand and business that’s recognised world-wide. Accomplished through the delivery of the most unique and innovative e-sports team and brand.”